The Under-Appreciated Mom awards

I recently saw a Facebook status update where a stay-home mom was lamenting that she doesn’t ever get any real recognition for a job well done and that she doesn’t feel “achieved” like she once did when she had a job outside of the home. As a once-corporate woman myself, I understood. No plaques on my desk, no recognition in team meetings anymore, but . . . aren’t the achievements we make as moms so much greater than anything else in the world, even if nobody else notices?

But what if someone did notice?

I’ll never forget the time I took my son to a restaurant and the stranger at the table next to us tapped my arm as we were leaving and said, “You seem like a great mom.” WHAT a compliment. That sweet moment will live with me forever.

What if we, as a collective of moms, noticed and recognized each other for a job well done? Wouldn’t that be nice? Next time you happen upon a mom who’s deserving of praise, tell her. It’ll change her whole world. And in the meantime, YOU deserve praise, too. I present to you, just a few of the Underappreciated Mom Awards:

Most Well-Mannered Kids
This is for all the moms who taught their kids to say please and thank you. The moms whose kids order at restaurants by starting with, “May I please have . . . .” If your kids go to a friend’s house and pick up after themselves, bring their dishes to the sink, and thank the parents for having them over, this award is for you. Our world is a better place because of you.

Most Improved Player
Maybe you used to be a yeller, and you’re finding yourself counting to 10, taking deep breaths, and reacting in a calmer fashion these days. Perhaps you’re a mom who used to spend a little too much time on her smartphone and now you’re finding new ways to enrich your life and your kids’ lives. If you’re a mom who has taken the time to be self-aware and introspective and has made the efforts toward any form of positive change, you deserve this award. Well done, Mama.

Best Display of Patience
If your kiddo takes 12 minutes to tie his shoes in the morning, or he can’t find his coat, or he spends half an hour picking away at his breakfast and you kindly wait without screeching “HURRY UP, OHMYGOSH YOU TAKE SO LONG,” this award is for you. If you’re in line at the grocery store with your kids in tow, and the person in front of you has 422 coupons, rebates, and rain checks, and you keep your cool and wait it out without the dagger glances and loud sighs, please take this award and know that so many of us wish we were more like you.

Superstar Tantrum Manager
Your kid had a meltdown in Target. They didn’t get that stuffed animal they wanted, so it was full-on screaming, throwing themselves on the floor. You didn’t get rattled. You didn’t buy that stuffed animal, and you took your kiddo out of the store. Or, you had them ride in the cart, crying the whole way, while you finished your shopping. Whatever. However you managed that tantrum, you didn’t give in, and you kept your cool. High five, lady. You rocked it.

Top Meal Maker
Your kids eat really well. It hasn’t been easy; you’ve got one really picky kid and one with food allergies. You spent your time researching and pinning healthy recipes and finding ways to hide zucchini into muffins. Sure, it would be easier to buy everything premade and to give in to those “can we get fast food” requests all the time, but you really make an effort to ensure your kids are well-fed. Right on, mom.

Do you know a mom who deserves one (or more!) of these? Share this on Facebook and tag her in the comments. #INoticeYouMom

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